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21st Century Schools

21st Century Schools is a three-year project implemented by British Council and funded by the UK Government, within which by the middle of 2021 all primary schools in the Western Balkans will receive micro:bit devices that will be used in computer science and other subjects. The idea behind this very ambitious project is for students to develop critical and algorithmic thinking, and a multidisciplinary approach to problem-solving with the help of their teachers and during regular school activities.

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Winter School of Open Data

Project "Open data in social sciences" is implemented by Petlja Foundation within the United nations development program "Open data - open possibilities". This project is intended for third and fourth year undergrad students and master degree students in social sciences programes.

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Gen-D Nurturing a Digital Future

The idea behind the "Gen-D – Nurturing a Digital Future" program is to contribute to the digital transformation in education by creating learning materials for programming, designed by the Petlja Foundation. The partner organisations from Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, and Serbia will work on the localization of the offered materials in order to support and improve educational standards in their respective countries. The Petlja Foundation is one of the partners on the project implemented by Propulsion powered by Microsoft through the Microsoft Philanthropies programme.


International Day of Women in ICT is an initiative founded with the idea of creating a global environment that will encourage and strengthen girls and youg women to consider and start a career in the growing area of informational-comunicational technologies. This day is internationally celebrated every fourth Thursday of April.

Summer School – the Knowledge of the Future

The Petlja Foundation in cooperation with the company GoPro, and with the support of the company Microsoft, organized a Summer School of digital skills designed for the users of the SOS Children’s Village and the Centre “Strong Youngsters”.

Training Seminar for Teachers at Petnica Science Center

The Petlja Foundation organised a seminar at the Petnica Science Centre for primary and secondary school teachers whose students achieved the highest ranking at the SIO.

Training for School Teachers

The Petlja Foundation organized training for more than 1100 computer science teachers with the help of Microsoft Philantropies Initiative and The Dokukino Foundation