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Programming of Micro:bit Devices within the Subject Technics and Technology

pre 5 godine

As part of the “21st Century Schools” project, implemented by the British Council and funded by the Government of the United Kingdom, Petlja has developed a manual covering teaching topics included in

The development of the manual Management of Electromechanical Models using a Micro:bit Device - a Manual for the Eighth Grade is part of the broader support provided by the British Council to the Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development to build teachers’ capacity to apply the new Informatics and Computing and Technics and Technology curricula,whichintroduces programming in teaching with the help of appropriate tools such as a Micro:bit.

The free online resource Management of Electromechanical Models using a Micro:bit Device - a Manual for the Eighth Grade was created as an aid and inspiration for the realization of classes where the objective is to create projects within the subject Technics and Technology. This Manual covers two major teaching topics covered in the eighth grade, Technical and Digital Literacy and Constructive Modelling. The Manual itself is filled with detailed examples through which the student can get acquainted with automatic control systems and applythese concepts practically by using a Micro:bit device. The Manual uses the MicroPaython programming language and the MU editor, and all examples are explained in detail.

In addition to creating open educational resources, the Petlja Foundation will soon implement training for teachers who teach Technics and Technology in the eighth grade.

As part of the “21st Century Schools” project, the team of authors from the Petlja Foundation has previously developed two manuals intended for teaching Informatics and Computing in primary schools: Programming Micro:bit devices in MakeCode - a Manual for the Fifth Grade and Programming Micro:bit Devices in MicroPaython – Manual for Project Teaching for the Seventh and Eighth Grade

Reminder, “21st Century Schools” is a three-year project which envisages that, by mid-2021, all primary schools in the Western Balkans will receive micro:bit devices that will be used in Informatics and Computing and other subjects including training on critical thinking and problem-solving.