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New School Year, New Materials on net.kabinet

pre 3 godine

We are ready to welcome the beginning of the new school year, because starting from today on the net.kabinet there are completely new materials for the fourth grade of high school within the subject I

Petlja’s team of authors worked again this summer on the improvement of existing materials, and on creation of new ones. In line with the reform of the high school curriculum for the subject Computing and Informatics, new materials are created each year and published on the net.kabinet platform. The main novelty for this school year is that from today, in addition to existing courses, on net.kabinet you can also find courses for the fourth grade of high school Databases, computer networks and server web programming for the fourth grade of high school natural sciences course and Databases for the fourth grade of high school social sciences and general course, which completes the creation and publication of materials for all four grades of high school. With these two courses, students will learn more about databases and what they are used for, what they are made of and how computer networks work, they will also learn about SQL and how to program server web applications with the help of Python and its libraries.

Let us remind you that the online platform net.kabinet was created in May 2020 as a collaborative effort of the Petlja Foundation and the “Digital Serbia” Initiative with the aim of bringing together high-quality open educational resources for students and features facilitating the work of teachers conducting either regular or online classes of the subject Informatics and Computing. The free, interactive courses are designed to follow the official curriculum, and students can go through them independently or in collaboration with their teachers during regular or online classes. At the same time, numerous features developed within net.kabinet, such as creating your own cabinets, chat for direct communication with students, creating tests to check knowledge, assigning homework or monitoring student progress through the course, make teaching easier for teachers.