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MicroPaython for Micro:bit - a Manual for Project Teaching in the Seventh and Eighth grade

pre 5 godine

As part of the “21st Century Schools” project, the team of authors from the Petlja Foundation has prepared a manual for the development of projects that use the Micro:bit device with the programming l

The Petlja Foundation, as a partner on the “Schools for the 21st Century” project implemented by the British Council and funded by the Government of the United Kingdom, is working on creating educational resources for learning programming in primary school with the help of the Micro:bit device. 

The first manual Programming Micro:bit Devices in MicroPaython – Manual for Project Teaching for the Seventh and Eighth Grade created by our team of authors is intended for project teaching in the seventh and eighth grade of primary school and relies on the application of MicroPaython to control the Micro:bit device. 

The Manual contains plenty of detailed examples of various difficulty levels for creating projects that students can create together with their teachers. The team of authors who worked on Manual’s development tried to create as diverse examples as possible to demonstrate the various possibilities that this small programmable device provides.

In addition to examples of projects, additional resources are provided for students who want to research and design their own projectsfurther and express creativity in the use of Micro:bits. 

In addition to the Manual published today, our team of authors will develop educational resources intended for the use of micro:bit devices in the subject of Informatics and Computing in the fifth grade as part of the subject Computing, as well as in the subject Technics and Technology, where our materials will cover teaching topics Technical and Digital Literacy and Constructive Modelling.

Reminder, “21st Century Schools” is a three-year project which envisages that, by mid-2021, all primary schools in the Western Balkans will receive micro:bit devices that will be used in computer science and other subjects.