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International Girls in ICT Day

pre 2 godine

The International Girls in ICT Day is celebrated worldwide on the fourth Thursday in April

This year, in the Science Club Belgrade Makerspace, on the premises of the Center for the Promotion of Science, we also contributed to marking this important day.

We organized a workshop, “Creative Coding: When Technology Draws”, for high school seniors, led by Aleksandra Jovanić, PhD, assistant professor at the Faculty of Fine Arts. She showed students from the Ninth Belgrade Grammar School, the IT Grammar School, and the Sixth Belgrade Grammar School how to create generative art independently by using a computer and applying their knowledge of fine arts, mathematics and programming.


After the workshop, the lecture “Visual untangling of data” was held for female students by Srđan Verbić, PhD, a professor from FEFA, who spoke about examples of good and bad data visualization practices. Students had the opportunity to hear about different ways in which data can be displayed and how to choose the best visualization. This topic attracted female students from various fields and it is another proof of how broad the field of ICT really is and how important it is to support women in this industry.


At the very beginning, the participants were greeted by: the acting Director of the Center for the Promotion of Science, Marjana Brkić, PhD, Assistant Minister from the Ministry of Education responsible for International Cooperation and European Integration, Aleksandar Jović, United Nations Development Program Portfolio Manager, Jelena Ružičić, and Director of the Petlja Foundation Nebojša Vasiljević, PhD.


This international day has been celebrated since 2010, it was initiated by the Republic of Serbia, and organized by the International Telecommunications Union (ITU), with the aim of encouraging the participation of girls in technological fields.


This event was realized within the project “Building Key Computing Competencies - Towards the Workforce of the Future”, implemented by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in collaboration with the Ministry of Education, with the support of the Government of the Republic of Serbia.