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For the First Time in Serbia: there is a Free Online Course on the Subject of Epidemic

pre 4 godine

Belgrade, 2 March 2021 - The modern interdisciplinary course “Epidemic” is available today on the free internet platform net.kabinet.

Thecourse Epidemic combines high school knowledge about the phenomenon from the point of view of biology, chemistry, mathematics and informatics, and through it, we are guided by accessible texts, illustrations, and quizzes, while the actor, Miloš Biković, acts as the narrator of educational videos. This course, the first of its kind in Serbia, was created as a collaborative effort of the Petlja Foundation, the Digital Serbia Initiative and UNICEF. 

A year ago, the world faced a new epidemic, which raised the questions such as what is an epidemic, how are viruses transmitted, do masks protect us, what is exponential growth, why is it essential to wash our hands for precisely 20 seconds, should we get the vaccine… The answers to these and similar questions are part of the official teaching and learning programMEs for biology, chemistry, mathematics and informatics, and as of today they are united in the course “Epidemic” available at Until now, this platform, which was developed last year by the Petlja Foundation and the Digital Serbia Initiative, has been known for providing educational materials for learning informatics and computing. However, in cooperation with UNICEF in Serbia and through a series of interdisciplinary courses beginning with the “Epidemic”, the net.cabinet is now opening its doors to other subjects.

The course itself was created through the cooperation of chemists, biologists, software engineers, psychologists, illustrators, animators, while Miloš Biković, famous actor and friend of the Digital Serbia Initiative, supported the project by volunteering to act as the narrator in educational videos, which are included in the course.

“The world in which digital revolution is taking place is a world that is changing rapidly. In such a world, adequate education is needed for a functional and productive life. Therefore, I decided to support the course “Epidemic” on the net.cabinet platform because it stimulates students to think and to be creative, and these are the skills young people need to face the future,” Biković said.

The new course on the net.cabinet platform was created in line with the official teaching and learning programmes and is primarily intended for the third-grade high school students and teachers who teach biology, chemistry, mathematics and informatics, and is equally valuable for anyone who is curious or wants to brush up on their knowledge relevant to the current situation.

According to Nebojša Vasiljević, director of the Petlja Foundation and one of the course authors, with the interdisciplinary approach on which the “Epidemic” is based, the boundaries between traditionally set subjects are erased, and participants acquire the skill of perceiving problems from different angles.

“We started from the modernization of the learning process related to programming, and one of the main principles is to learn as much as possible through application. Then we saw how muchwe lack interdisciplinarity in teaching, and we just continued on the path of further interdisciplinary connection. And then you realize that no topic has different scientific disciplines as vividly connected as the epidemic at the moment,” Mr Vasiljević pointed out.