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Educational Materials for Four Additional Subjects in Specialized IT Classes are Available on net.kabinet

pre 10 meseci

The Petlja Foundation provides additional support to specialized IT classes through materials covering key computer science topics

The team of authors engaged by the Petlja Foundation has created new materials for higher grades of specialized IT classes that cover topics such as Artificial Intelligence, Functional and Logical Paradigms, Object-oriented Programming, Databases and Web Programming.


During the summer, our authors created and prepared five new online courses intended for students of specialized IT classes, namely:


  1. Modern Artificial Intelligence (part of thesubject Programming Paradigms for the fourth grade of specialized IT classes)
  2. Introduction to Programming Paradigms, Logical and Functional Programming (part of the subject Programming Paradigms for the fourth grade of specialized IT classes) 
  3. Object-oriented Programming for the third grade of specialized IT classes
  4. Databases for the fourth grade of specialized IT classes
  5. Web Programming for the fourth grade of specialized IT classes

All courses are, as open educational resources, freely available to everyone.


Educational materials for specialized IT classes were created within the project “Building Key Computing Competencies - Towards the Workforce of the Future” coordinated by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), with the Petlja Foundation serving as the implementation partner. The project is also implemented in collaboration with the Ministry of Education, with the support of the Government of the Republic of Serbia.