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Filip Marić
Filip Marić

He is a professor at the Faculty of Mathematics in Belgrade, where he graduated in 2002 and where he received his PhD in the field of automated reasoning in 2009. For the past few years, he has been the Chairman of the IT Committee of the Mathematical Society of Serbia. He gained the experience of working with young people from the time he spent teaching in the IT and Mathematical Grammar schools in Belgrade. He has been actively involved in the creation of teaching materials on the Loop portal from the very beginning.

Ana Kaplarević-Mališić
Ana Kaplarević-Mališić

She holds a PhD in Computer Science. She works as an Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Science at the University of Kragujevac. She has over 20 years of experience in preparing primary school students for programming competitions. She has been an editor of the programming column in the Tangenta (Tangent) magazine for a long time. For several years, she worked as a technical editor of the Mathematical Journal. She is an active member of the Mathematical Society of Serbia, currently the editor-in-chief of the series of publications called “Materials for Young Programmers”. In 2007, she was the leader of the Serbian team and one of the organizers of the First Balkan Junior Programming Olympiad held in Belgrade. From 2005 to 2011, she was a member of the Republic Commission for Primary School Programming Competitions. Since 2015, she has been teaching classes for gifted computer science students in secondary schools.

Milena Marić
Milena Marić

She graduated from the Faculty of Mathematics in 2002. Since 2003, she has been teaching Mathematics and Computer Science. She is the author and co-author of several professional papers in the field of application of modern technologies in teaching mathematics and computer science. Furthermore, she co-authored several seminars accredited by the Institute for the Advancement of Education aimed at mathematics and computer science teachers. She was the reviewer for a book on Python programming language. She is an active member of the Mathematical Society of Serbia.

She works at the Ninth Grammar School in Belgrade “Mihailo Petrović Alas“.

Dragan Mašulović
Dragan Mašulović
Author of the material Introduction to Data Analisys

Dragan Mašulović is a Full Professor at the Faculty of Sciences of the University of Novi Sad. He has extensive experience in teaching mathematics and computer science, both to students who are particularly motivated in these two fields, as well as to those who need mathematics and/or computer science as an auxiliary discipline. In addition to his long career as a university professor, he has been teaching computer science to special mathematics classes at the “Jovan Jovanović - Zmaj” Grammar School in Novi Sad, for more than 20 years, and he has been active in various capacities at the Petnica Science Center for more than 30 years. He was a Visiting Professor of Discrete Mathematics at the Johannes Kepler University in Linz. At the Faculty of Sciences in Novi Sad, he was the Head of the Chair for Theoretical Foundations of Computer Science and the Vice-dean for Doctoral Studies and Accreditation. He is currently engaged as the Coordinator of the Working Group for the Enhancement of IT Services.

Katarina Aleksić
Katarina Aleksić
Author of the material Block-based Programming in Scratch

She is a Computer Science teacher at the “Branislav Nušić” primary school in Belgrade. She believes that this is the most beautiful job in the world. She advocates responsible and meaningful use of technology in education. She is always thinking about her students, which is why she promotes early programming and problem-solving classes, hoping that her students will develop the courage and freedom to think. At the Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development, she works as an advisor to the Minister for Digitalization in Education. She is currently working on strengthening the capacity of schools for performing self-assessment of their digital maturity by using the SELFIE instrument, revising the Digital Competence Framework for Educators, organizing training for teachers from IT departments, implementing the “21st Century Schools” and the Knowledge Sharing programmes. She is a member of several educational bodies locally and internationally, Scientix Ambassador, winner of the European competition “eSkills for Jobs 2015” in the category of exceptional use of ICT in teaching, MIE expert, co-author of textbooks for Computer Science, and she has won numerous awards in the area of computer science teaching methods.

Nevenka Spalević
Nevenka Spalević
Author of the material Block-based Programming in Scratch - Practice Lessons

Nevenka Spalević has been spreading information literacy and algorithmic thinking for over thirty years. In addition to working as a programming teacher at the prestigious Mathematical Grammar School in Belgrade, she worked as an associate of the magazine Kompjuteri (Computers) and Svet kompjutera (World of Computers), as well as on several radio and TV programmes dedicated to the promotion of computers and mathematics.

She has been a member of committees, coordinator of many competitions, and mentor to several teams that won awards at national and international programming competitions.

She is the author of the book “Learn to Program in Scratch”, which was published by CET in 2018. Furthermore, she is the co-author of the book “A Methodological Collection of Programming Problems with Solutions in Pascal” that has been used in schools since 1989, as well a set of textbooks called “From Toy to Computer” created for the first grade of primary school, which has four editions.

Jovan Popović
Jovan Popović

He is a Project Manager at the Microsoft Development Center in Belgrade, currently working on leading Microsoft databases - Azure SQL Database and SQL Server. He graduated and received his PhD from the School of Electrical Engineering, University of Belgrade. He is a lecturer at world’s leading conferences in the fields of databases, computer clouds and Microsoft technologies, as well the author of two books on software engineering. Furthermore, he is the author of many articles and blog posts in the field of Microsoft technology and student programming education, as well as several open-source libraries in the areas of JavaScript, C#.NET and databases.

Katarina Veljković
Katarina Veljković
autor of the material Block-based programming in Make Code.

Katarina is a graduate mathematician for computer science and informatics. She is currently employed at The First Grammar School of Kragujevac and she works with talented students in the fields of mathematics and computer science. She has been declared the best educator in Serbia and she has made it on the list of Top 50 teachers of the World. She has won numerous prizes in the field of education. She is the creator and coordinator of multiple programs of advanced training of teachers in the fields of long-distance education and application of ICT in education. She is a coauthor and a reviewer of a several textbooks for computer science education. She is one of the pioneers of using LEGO robots and robotics in Serbian education. Her lesson plans that included usage of robots in the classroom, "Programming LEGO NXT robots in Microsoft Robotics Studio", won the first prize in the Microsoft Innovative Teachers Forum in Paris 2007. She is a member of workgroups for the creation of educational plans for primary school and grammar school in the field of computer science.

Aeksandra Alorić
Aleksandra Alorić

Aleksandra Alorić is a scientist employed at Institute of Physics in Belgrade in the Center for the Study of Complex Systems. She finished her undergraduate and M.A. studies at the University of Belgrade, at the Department of Theoretical Physics and she finished her PhD studies at Kings College, London, at the Department of Mathematics, applied mathematics. Apart from researching socio-economic complex systems, Aleksandra is devoted to education and the promotion of science. Aleksandra is the head of the programme of mathematical and technical sciences in Petnica Science Center and one of the originators and coordinators of the Young Physicists Tournament.

Svetlana Radlovački
Svetlana Radlovački

She graduated in 2001 from the Faculty of Technical Sciences in Novi sad, Department of Electrical and Computer engineering, computer technology and system management. From 2002. she works in School Center "Nikola Tesla" in Vršac, as a teacher of electrotechnics. She is a enthusiast for microcontroller platforms, author of a sever papers and articles on this subject. She is MIE Expert representative of Serbia on Global Forum of Innovative Teachers in Toronto 2017. She is a winner of multiple awards in the field of application of modern technologies in education.

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Vesna Marinković

Assistant Porefessor at Mathematical Faculty, University of Belgrade, where she finished her undergraduate studies in 2006 and got her PhD in 2015 in the field of automated reasoning. Ana is a coauthor of a textbook of computer science for high school. She teaches multiple courses on algorithms where she tries to develop algorithmic way of thinking in her students.

Đura Pađan
Đura Pađan

Graduated from The Faculty of Mechanical Engineering of University of Belgrade in 2000, Department of automatic regulating. The thesis was titled "Analog Technique for Regulating the speed of one-way engine". Đura completed his M.A. programme in 2005 and the theme of final thesis was "Pneumatic valves with width-modulated algorithm".From 2001 Đura is a teacher of engineering, technologies and informatics in primary school "Vladislav Ribnikar". He teaches engineering and informatics to the bilingual class. From the beginning of his career, Đura noticed the possibilities for improving education, which he made his goal and worked on it ever since. He incorporated electronics, programming and interface technologies to his curriculum, much before they became a part of official curriculum. As a result, he has students who attend his classes with joy and enjoyment in their work. During his teaching career, he developed models of computer-operated machines, which are basically robots, since they operate autonomously. He thinks that teaching is a two-way street, since everybody is both a teacher and a student. This way of thinking about the calling of the teacher is a key element in success, because teachers and students are equals in their common project called lifelong learning.

BubbleBee Alumni

Portal BubbleBee was developed by Microsoft Development Center Serbia employees and interns. Employees and associates from Mathematical Grammar School in Belgrade, IT Grammar School in Belgrade, other schools, Society of Mathematitians of Serbia and Petnica Science Center also took part in content creation.

Andreja Ilić (jedan od pokretača BubbleBee portala),
Bojan Rošić,
Dragan Tomić,
Milan Novaković,
Sava Čajetinac – dizajn,
Miloš Todić,
Jelena Cvetanović,
Ivan Stojanović Kića (kreirao prvu verziju BubbleBee portala),
Milan Stojić,
Đorđe Maksimović,
Vlajko Stojanović,
Saša Popović,
Tamara Letić,
Miodrag Radulović,
Dejan Kraković,
Aleksandar Tomić Megazord,
Vladimir Milošević,
Pavle Josipović,
Željko Nikoličić,
Ninoslav Petrović - Nine,
Dragana Topić,
Ivan Vujić,
Momčilo Vasilijević,
Iva Lazović,
Stefan Nikolić – Ćoni,
Vukašin Ranković,
Nikola Perin,
Andrija Jandrlić,
Đorđe Nijemčević,
Miloš Anđelković - Storm,
Goran Lukić,
Aleksandar Damjanović Dacan,
Milan Vugdelija,

Stefan Pekić,
Petar Lotrean,
Aleksandar Ivanović,
Nikola Puzović,
Novak Novaković,
Milan Micić,
Miloš Vučić - Vučko,
Isidora Jovandić,
Mladen Pantić,
Marko Trifunović,
Vladimir Nikolić,
Petar Mitrović,
Svetlana Stanojević,
Dimitrije Filipović,
Marija Gogić,
Andrija Jovanović,
Boris Grubić,
Demjan Grubić,
Dušan Zdravković Dux,
Miloš Milovanović - MilMil,
Neven Tubić,
Goran Dubajić,
Marko Milojević,
Vladimir Nešić,
Danilo Vunjak,
Nikola Milosavljević Ramzi,
Nikola Milosavljević NikMil,
Mladen Radojević,
Marko Živanović Mazi,
Andrej Ivašković,
Teo Šarkić,
Srđan Božović,
Jovan Popović